Migration and terrorism are still a major concern for all European societies. The overwhelming majority is concerned about illegal immigration and the occurrence of terrorist attacks and expects further mass migration. Most of Europe is dissatisfied with Brussels’ handling of the immigration crisis, every second EU citizen believes that Central European member states have handled the migration crisis better. According to 58 percent of respondents Europe should preserve its Christian culture and traditions.


How serious a problem do you believe it is that illegal immigrants are coming into your country?


How likely do you expect that a terrorist attack could happen in your country?


To what extent do you fear that African immigrants will arrive at Europe en masse in the next decade?


Which of the following statement describes the current situation better?


In your view, will the mass influx of immigrants from outside of the continent…?


In your opinion, would the additional flux of immigration into your country from outside of Europe…


Who do you believe has handled the immigration crisis better?


Do you approve or disapprove of each of the following actions? – The European Union quota plan to distribute recent immigrants throughout Europe


What do you think, should Europe preserve its Christian culture, traditions or should rather support a secular culture that goes beyond Christian traditions?