Illegal immigration remains a very serious problem facing Europeans: 78% of respondents are worried about illegal immigration in their countries, while more than two-thirds of survey participants are afraid that African immigrants will arrive to Europe in masses in the next decade. The perception of migration has also changed, with more and more people believing that the majority of migrants come to Europe for economic reasons and state benefits. Residents of the EU continue to believe that migration has a significant impact: the majority of people believe that immigration increases crime and the threat of terrorism, while changing European culture and posing a huge burden on receiving countries. They also believe it sets back the EU’s economy. Most of Europe is dissatisfied with Brussels’s handling of the immigration crisis. People in most member states believe that Central and Eastern European countries have handled the migration crisis better than Brussels. The EU’s quota plan continues to divide the continent: while it is largely supported by Western countries, societies in the East of Europe are opposed to the quota plan to distribute recent immigrants throughout Europe. A majority of the EU’s population would rather help the immigrants in their home countries. A general sense of fear remains among people in Europe in the wake of terrorist attacks. Overall, 82% of people think there is a chance that a terrorist attack similar to what happened in Paris, in Brussels or in Berlin could happen in their country. The rapid population growth of Muslims in Europe is also considered a serious threat to the continent.

How serious a problem do you believe it is that illegal immigrants are coming into your country?

To what extent do you fear that African immigrants will arrive at Europe in masses in the next decade?

How likely do you think that a terrorist attack like what happened in Paris, in Brussels or in Berlin could happen in your country?

How serious a threat to Europe is the rapid population growth of Muslims?

For what reason do you think migrants come to Europe?

Do you approve of the European Union quota plan ?

Do you think the influx of immigrants to your country will increase…?

Do you think the influx of immigrants to your country will change the culture of your country?

Do you think handling immigration will pose a huge financial burden on receiving countries?

In your view, will the mass influx of immigrants from outside of the continent…?

Who do you believe handled the immigration crisis better?

Which of the followings statements comes closer to your opinion?

Would you support family reunification of immigrants arriving at the EU?

Do you agree or disagree with the following?