The expectations of European societies regarding their own future, and the future of the European economy, remain unfavorable. A large proportion of people in most European Union member states believe things are going in the wrong direction in their countries. Half of the respondents are pessimistic about the distant future: as they see it, their children and the future generations will live in worse conditions than those of today. The Baltic countries are the most optimistic in this regard, and Hungary is among the five most optimistic countries, while Western European societies are the most pessimistic. Most people consider economic globalisation to be generally positive, but the majority of people in every member state are opposed to people with considerable business and political influence through NGOs having a say in the domestic affairs of their countries.

In what direction do you think things are going in your country?

Do you think your children will live…?

 Do you agree or disagree that businessmen with business and political influence and NGO-s should have a say in the domestic affairs of EU memeber states?


George Soros’ Popularity in the European Union
Among respondents with an opinion