Mission Statement

World-shaping issues, such as modern-day population movement and terrorism, have not left Europe untouched. Project 28 assessed these critical issues and many others. European attitudes matter – today more than ever.

Project 28 pays special attention to the public’s view of the European Union, migration and terrorism. Critically important, this is the deepest, widest and most scientific examination of European attitudes according to nation ever carried out.  Our research covers economic concerns, social concerns, foreign policy and family issues.  The different results according to nation are both interesting and significant. We expect to annually examine European attitudes, hopes, dream and fears.

Over time we will be able to assess whether Europeans are becoming more optimistic or pessimistic about their future. This is an important baseline study, but only the first.

Even though Project 28 was completed in February, the data is only being released now because it was felt that it might unfairly influence the crucial referendum in the UK on that country’s membership of the European Union. If one looks at the results from the UK related to remaining in or leaving the EU, it reveals what a very close battle there would be between the two sides. Now that the UK has voted, it is time to release all the data, including the results from the UK.